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All songs written by Easy Tiger:
Terry Childers:vocals,synthesizers,programming,drum machine,guitar,lyrics
Chad Mummert:guitars, bass, drums and keyboard
Mixed and mastered by Easy Tiger with paul sinclair at "the labouratory"
in Wapwallopen,PA, USA

Easy Tiger is a project conceived by 2 longtime music partners, Terry childers and Chad Mummert.
Terry composes the music and writes the lyrics, but is a self confessed "sloppy guitarist".
Chad is an awesome guitarist and musician.

MUSIC ON THE MENU: Easy Tiger switches it up
by Alan K. Stout
Music Columnist

Easy, Tiger is an eclectically influenced musical project based in the Wyoming Valley. The duo features Terry Childers and Chad Mummert, two likeminded longtime collaborators who share the same vision for their self-described “electro, rock, pop and psych” music.
“We’ve been writing together for about 10 years,” says Mummert, adding that the two, shortly after first meeting, discovered they had similar musical tastes. “We were kind of into the same abstract stuff. We’re into a lot of ‘90s stuff that no one ever noticed, like Soul Coughing and Morphine. Bands that were right under the radar. That’s how we hit it off.”
Mummert previously played in the bands Pinch and Teenage Girls and has also occasionally played with k8 and Lemongelli. Childers has done most of his gigging as a solo acoustic act but has also played with Jay Morgans. The duo has recorded an album’s worth of original material at Luzerne County Community College and had it mixed and mastered at The Labouratory in Wapwallopen. The music can now be heard on the duo’s Facebook page and it will be available in CD form and on iTunes and CD Baby in early February. Tracks include “I Can See My House From Here,” “Melting” and “Rising Son.”
Mummert, 32, says the he and Childers, 33, enjoy a solid creative partnership in which songwriting ideas are shared.
“It’s a collaborative effort, but Terry usually comes up with certain ideas and is the main lyricist,” he says. “That’s something that’s always impressed me. He’s such a great lyricist, and he writes good, catchy riffs as well. He’ll come to me with some bits of songs, and then we’ll sit down and structure the song, and I’ll write textured stuff on top of it.”
Mummert plays guitar and drums while Childers handles lead vocals and programming. Easy, Tiger has played some live shows throughout the region but has spent most of its time in recent months crafting the new album. Aside from a mutual love for some underground ’90s rock, Mummert says the duo’s collective influences include Frank Zappa, Yes, King Crimson, David Bowie and The Cars.
“It’s really kind of all over the place,” he says. “It’s just good music. And stuff that inspires us to want to learn and expand what we already do.”
Such influences can be heard on the eight tracks the band has recorded. But it’s more of an amalgamation of those favorites, rather than a derivative offering. And that’s just what Mummert and Childers hoped to achieve and what they hope listeners will find appealing.

“We just hope they enjoy it as much as we do,” says Mummert. “We’ve never really done this for anybody else, so we just hope they like the diversity, which is what we like to listen to in music. I think we all kind of have that short-term fuse anymore, with how much we’re exposed to, so we always switch it up so that we’re not bored. We like to listen to so many different types of music, and we like to write what we would normally listen to.”
Though Easy, Tiger has no visions of grandeur, the band would like to spend even more time recording and playing live.
“We’d like to do this for a living,” says Mummert. “Whose dream isn’t that when they pick up a guitar or instrument? Honestly, the goal is just to keep doing it for creative fulfillment, and hopefully other people will like it. We have enough heart, and we put enough sacrifice into learning what we know about music and what we love about music, so we just hope somebody else gets that.”




released September 15, 2011



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