[CBR04​]​Once upon a time

by Blue Print Fracture



[CBR04]:"BLUE-PRINT FRACTURE" Once Upon A Time (Ep-UK tekno UK) 16,9 Mo Zip

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Blue-Print Fracture was started in the summer of 2003 after William Freeman settled down in Hamburg Northern Germany. After a 4 year break from writing and producing music due to attending University and travelling, William started writing again on a very basic set-up involving a tracker program (Modplug tracker) and a free auto editing program. It was not long before William came up with the name Blue-Print fracture in order to express the aims and ambitions of his music: do something new and original!! Make it hard and dark in places, light and fluffy in other places, but always make it groovy, interesting and make it express the ideas and imagination of a Blueprint Fracture. After only a few months of production Blue-Print Fracture received positive feedback on his music and went back to England in-order to collect his old software and equipment, enabling him to settle down into some serious song writing and production, whilst being unemployed.

William started taking an interest in music at a very young age, but really got stuck into things at about 12 when he started playing guitar. After several early attempts at bands, William took an interest in writing music on computers at about the age of 15 when a friend of his older brother’s introduced him to tracker programs as a bit of fun. He was instantly hooked and spent every second of his spare time for the next three years either writing music with tracker programs or, playing bass guitar (by this time) in his hard punk rock band. Williams early musical years saw the beginnings of his original hybrid style. As well taking an interest in different forms of electronica (mainly, UK style Hard-House, progressive Techno and Drum & Bass) William has also always had a love for Hard Rock, Metal, Hardcore, Punk music and all things raucous and rocking. During the mid-late 90’s he came across several bands (noticeably, White Zombie, Pitch Shifter, Fear Factory and Incubus) that were already creating hybrids of electronic music and heavy rock, William saw the future of his own music that merges different styles together and has as much appeal to those who like electronic music, as to those who like heavy rock.
Now, after 2 years of writing under the alias of Blue-Print Fracture and good success within the Internet electronic music scene, (including several good chart positions and radio play on various internet sites, and several live DJ’s playing in club and parties) it is time for Blue-Print Fracture’s music to take a big leap forward and take on the real world.



released January 15, 2006



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